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Tenant Cleaning Tips - Helpful Hints

Don't use powdered cleaners or steel wool on walls, bench tops, stovetops or bathroom fittings they can scratch the surfaces.


Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth on all surfaces. "Scrub Free" or "Jiff" is best on shower linings with a soft-scouring pad to remove lime deposits. Mould can be removed by mixing together one part household bleach and three parts water.

Bench tops

Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.


An approved oven cleaner, such as Mr Muscle, must be used. Jiff or other multipurpose cleaners are not satisfactory. Please also lift & clean under elements.


Remove spills as soon as you can with a towel or absorbent cloth e.g., nappies. Presses firmly on the spill to soak it all up, water is best to dilute and remove stain. Before using any carpet cleaner test it on a part of the carpet that is behind a door or curtain.

Painted walls

Wipe marks off with a sponge or cloth and warm soapy water.

Shower curtains

Wipe with a mixture of bleach and water or wash gently in the washing machine or soak in Nappy San.


Clean vinyl wallpaper with a cloth and warm soapy water.

Windows and glass

All windows must be regularly cleaned. Use window cleaner & paper towels on the inside and a hose with a brush on the outside.

Wet floors in the bathroom

Ensure you use bath mats to eliminate water spills when bathing or showering. Mop up any wet areas immediately as repeatedly leaving the floor wet can cause the floorboards to rot. A wet floor can also be slippery and dangerous. Use the shower curtain when taking a shower and ensure that the curtain hangs inside the bath or shower box so water doesn't drip on the floor.

Damp and Mildew

Keep your windows open as often as possible to let in fresh air, which will help keep your home dry and free from mould. Your home will become damp if a lot of steam is allowed to spread through it, make sure you always use range-hoods & bathroom fans where fitted. Steam spreads from leaving pots and pans boiling longer than necessary, drying clothes indoors and from showers and baths. Keeping windows open in these areas, while you are home will help keep your home mould free. Our current tenancy agreements hold the tenant liable for cleaning mould & mildew off the ceilings.

Insects and other pests

Basic steps to keep pests away -

  • Keep rubbish bags outside and remember to put your rubbish out to be collected each week
  • Wipe bench tops, stoves, tables to clean up crumbs and spills that might attract insects
  • Keep your food in containers with lids that close tightly and wipe food cupboards out every now and then